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Thank you for choosing Our Product!

Congratulations! You have just purchased a quality TBH Group’s product. We believe that our Sleep Sets are the finest made. We assure your satisfaction with our Manufacturer’s Warranty covering the mattress and foundation.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

We reserve the right to refuse warranty service for mattresses and/or foundations found to be in unsanitary conditions or when the product failure is caused by factors other than defective workmanship or materials.

The products are under warranty from the date of purchase (10 years spring mattresses & 6 years for foam mattresses). Should the products need to be repaired or replaced at some point during the warranty period, coverage is not renewed or extended, rather, the expiry date for warranty coverage is measured from the original date of purchase.

How to care for your new mattress.

Do :

Do give your new mattress or foundation time to “air” upon removal from its original packaging

Do rotate your mattress regularly to help maintain and prolong the quality/comfort of your mattress. Body impressions are caused by upholstery material compressions and are normal characteristics of premium bedding. Such body impressions indicate that the upholstery layers in your mattress are conforming to your individual body contour.

Do replace your old foundation when you purchase your new mattress to help provide the proper support of your new mattress.

Do use a quality bed frame to support your mattress and foundation. If you have a queen or king size bed, your bed frame must have a centre support that extends to the ground in order to effect warranty protection.

Do use a mattress pad to help protect mattress surface against wetting and soiling, especially if children are using the mattress.

Don’t :

Don’t smoke in bed or expose your mattress to an open flame. While this mattress is manufactured to meet applicable regulations, it is not flame or fire proof.

Don’t attempt to rotate the mattress yourself. To avoid damage to the mattress or the risk of personal injury, have someone to help you rotate your mattress.

Don’t fold, bend or stand the mattress on end.

Don’t use dry cleaning fluid of any kind on your mattress. Such chemicals will damage components of your mattress.

Do not allow the mattress or foundation to get soiled or in an unsanitary condition. This will void the warranty.

One sided mattress

To help equalize body impressions, please rotate your mattress as part of maintenance of the sleep product. Rotate your mattress every two (2) weeks for the first six (6) months. After this period, rotate it every two (2) or three (3) months.

Important to note:

To avoid risk of personal injury, do not attempt to turn or rotate the mattress by yourself.

Handles are not meant for lifting or carrying but are used to reposition the mattress on the foundation.

We assures your satisfaction in quality, design, engineering, construction and consumer confidence. There’s a world of difference with TBH.

Warranty Coverage

Mattress cover is under warranty against defective materials or workmanship for one (1) year only from the date of purchase, under normal care and use.

Spring coils or wires that are loose, broken or protruding through the mattress fabric.

Your mattress must be continuously supported by a matching foundation, or equivalent, with appropriate frame at all times for warranty coverage.

Items not covered

TBH is not liable for incidental or consequential damages that result from the use of this product.

Mattress Cover (fabric fading, wetting, spillage, stains or burns, where there is evidence of soiling or unsanitary conditions are not covered).

Quilting cover thread is for aesthetic purposes only. Any loose thread that does not affect the durability of the product and so is not covered under warranty.

In the event that any identical material are not available to be used in the replacement or repair of the mattress or foundation, we reserve the right to substitute other materials of equal or higher quality.

Normal body impressions of up to 3cm (body impressions may occur in the normal cause of use that are caused by upholstery material compressions). These occurrences are an indication that your bedding is adjusting to your body to enhance the comfort characteristics and are not considered to be structural defect.

Mattress handles are only to be used for positioning the mattress on foundation. Never use the handles for lifting or carrying the mattress.

Damaged caused by bending or handling are not considered manufacturing defects.

Structural damage from using an improper bed frame

Mattress damage due to an inappropriate foundation. A mattress is constructed for full performance when used in conjunction with a matching foundation a part of total complete sleep set.

Firmness, comfort level/personal preference.

Mattress size that is within the tolerance level of ±2cm in width and length.

Mattress height ±2cm

Merchandise sold “as-is”, “distressed” or “floor model”.

All transportation costs must be prepaid by the purchaser

Cracking, peeling or scratching from wear or tear, maintenance and/or everyday use

Mattress warranty

For the first year upon date of delivery, we will as its discretion, replace the mattress, due to manufacturing defects, at no charge (excluding transportation cost).

After the first year upon the date of delivery, any replacement or repair of the mattress, will be calculated by the total number of years owned multiplied by the purchased price, plus transportation charge.

How to receive service

If a defect occurs, it should be reported immediately to the TBH retail dealer from whom the product was purchased from, if that is not available, then to the nearest TBH outlet.

Do not return the product until you have received approval from the dealer of factory and made transportation arrangements.

You must provide proof-of-purchase, model name, size and photocopy of your sales receipt.

Additional requirements

With respect to a mattress purchase separately, for this warranty to be valid, your new mattress must be supported by a high quality, properly functioning foundation comparable to our mattress construction standards.

All transportation cost must be pre-paid by the purchase.

Proof-of-purchase is required for all claims.

Purchase date, price and dealer name and location are required to effect service under this warranty.

If identical materials or components are not available at the time of service, TBH reserves the right to substitute materials if equal or higher quality.


During the warranty period, your TBH mattress and/or foundation will be repaired or replaced at TBH’s discretion.